Nemuro Footpath
Nemuro Footpath lead us along the path of local history and nature.Following the path of coexistence, we can rediscover the connection between human to human, human to wildlife and human to landscape.
Nemuro FootpathFollowing the footpaths through uninterrupted fields under endless skies, with the sun on your face and the ocean breeze blowing through your hair, Nemuro, Hokkaido offers you breathtaking ocean views and interactions with rare animals and plants that can be experienced only in Nemuro and nowhere else. Whatever the season, you are sure to experience nature in all its glory in Nemuro.
Nemuro,HokkaidoNemuro, Hokkaido, is located on the easternmost tip of Japan. The area is a treasure trove of rare plants and animals, with pastures that were pioneered in the late 19th century and pristine lands spreading as far as the eye can see. Following the example of footpaths found in the United Kingdom, Dairy Farmer Group AB-MOBIT started Nemuro Footpaths in 2002 within Nemuro City. These include three major routes, and they take visitors through farms, national forests, bird sanctuaries, and along the ocean coastline.

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