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About us

What is AB-MOBIT?

AB-MOBIT is a group of 5 dairy farmers located between Attoko and Bettoga.

Thanks to the hard work and sacrifices of our ancestors, the Nemuro area has become one of the world's leading dairy farming regions.  However, we believe we must once again look carefully at our region and its features, to develop, through local nature and interaction with various people, dairy society and the natural environment that surrounds it, in order to ensure a legacy that will be passed down for generations to come.

Contact Us
Dairy Farmer Group AB-MOBIT office (on Ito Farm)
Adress: 101 Akesato, Nemuro-shi, Hokkaido, 086-0061
Phone: +81-153-26-2181
FAX: +81-153-26-2141
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Our Philosophy

"We should treasure and nurture the beauty and peace of farms and agricultural villages, and seek to share this with people from urban areas. It is our hope that by encouraging people to visit farmlands, take part in farming practices, and interact with livestock, we will be able to achieve a deeper sense of mutual understanding. Furthermore, in this spirit of openness and in cooperation with relevant organizations, we hope the people from outside will move into the region and we will be motivated to continue agriculture. We intend to contribute to the growth and advancement of both the agricultural world and the region.

The Origins of the Group's Name

AB-MOBIT: "AB" stands for Attoko and Bettoga, and "MOBIT" are the initials of the five dairy farmers - M (Murashima), O (Ogasawara), B (Baba), I (Ito), and T (Tomioka).  MOBIT is also a combination of "mobile" and "bit", and conveys the idea that each farm is a working piece of the overall Nemuro region.

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