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Characteristics of Nemuro Footpaths

Walking on the Nemuro footpaths is almost like taking a trip to a country outside Japan, with the scenery often being compared to footpaths in the United Kingdom and Europe.  The footpaths lead you further on a journey through time, showing you artifacts and remains from the days of the area's pioneers.  Visitors may encounter rare animals such as Yezo deer, Japanese cranes, and red squirrels, and the footpaths boast spectacular views of the ocean.  Don't miss the chance to learn about dairy farming and sample some delicious soft served ice cream made locally.  Whatever you choose to do, the Nemuro footpaths are sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

Attoko Route
attoko routeOn the Attoko Route, you can look back in time to the days of the pioneers, by visiting the old horse path and the remains of the Shibetsu Line (an old train line laid down by pioneers to transport people and cargo).  The dairy restaurant and camp site offer an ideal place for a well-earned rest.
Hattaushi Route
hattaushi routeThe Hattaushi Route is an operating agricultural road for the existing farms, and paved sections give you opportunities for cycling fun.  You can also try a number of food-related, hands-on experiences at "Kuttara", an interactive hands-on-experience center for processing agricultural products.
Bettoga Route
bettoga routeOf the three footpath routes available, Bettoga route is the only one with a view of the ocean, and the shoreline is simply breathtaking.  This route is also remarkable for the presence of alpine plants, which are normally only found at high altitudes.  While Bettoga Route passes through a flatland, these plants can be found here throughout the spring and summer.

Rules for Footpaths

  • Brown bears live in the area, so be sure to carry a bell to keep the bears away. Choose a bell that jingles loudly, and wear it in a place where it will continuously sway and jingle.
  • Walk on the designated footpath.
  • Take any trash back with you.
  • Show respect for wild animals and plants.
  • Take care not to scare farm animals or damage crops, and be sure to close any gates you use.
  • Refrain from any irresponsible uses of fire that may start accidental fires.
  • Be very careful of weather changes.

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