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We recognize the importance of personal information and strive to ensure the following points:

  1. For each division or department that handle customers' personal information, the Nemuro Footpaths will appoint managers and require them to adequately manage personal information.
  2. Upon collecting customers' personal information, we will identify its purposes of usage, disclose our contact information for customers, and collect only the information which is necessary to conduct our business.
  3. The Nemuro Footpaths will adequately manage personal information collected from customers and strive to prevent and correct illegal access to, and loss, destruction, falsification, or disclosure of personal information.  We will also not disclose personal information to any third party without the consent of the customer.  However, this may not apply in cases where an adequate reason exists, such as disclosure required by the law.
  4. The Nemuro Footpaths prohibit any company, to whom we provide personal information with the customer's consent (#3 above), to disclose or provide the customer's personal information to another party by contract and require them to conduct adequate management of personal information.
  5. If customers wish to disclose, correct, or delete their own personal information, they may contact the designated contact window of the Nemuro Footpaths, and we will handle the request within a reasonably quick timeframe.
  6. The Nemuro Footpaths will comply with the laws and regulations applied to personal information in its possession, and review and improve each of the above items appropriately.



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